Project #11: Blended Photos (Photoshop CS5)

As promised, I created my own version of the following photo:

I did not use any tutorials for this project (!) so it’s definitely not perfect but I’m excited that I was (mostly) able to figure it out!

I took this image of myself:

… And combined it with this background image which I took in England:

I played around with the Opacity and used the eraser tool to blend the photos, then changed the colouring and duplicated the image to get my final result:

TA-DA :)

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6 thoughts on “Project #11: Blended Photos (Photoshop CS5)

  1. Su says:

    This is really cool, you did good! I like the way you preserved the colors of your clothes and the colors of the building, it’s a cool mix of shades!

    I did a tutorial a while back and thought you may be interested since it’s in the same vein as the above pic:

    Hope you like! :D

  2. Heather Tiger says:

    Love it! The colors are great and image blends wonderfully. Now I need to go to Paris just so I can do this!

  3. michel cojan says:

    Very nice indeed !

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