Curves Practice! (Photoshop CS5)

My Photoshop CS5 trial is almost over :( Time to shell out for the real thing!

I am obsessed with the Lens Correction & Curves features that I learned while applying the Vintage effect in my previous post. Here are some photos from the day my daughter was born (can’t believe it’s been almost 12 weeks!!) with a bit of a Vintage feel. I played around with the Curves, Brightness/Contrast and also used the Blur tool on the first photo.

These are the originals, for comparison:

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12 thoughts on “Curves Practice! (Photoshop CS5)

  1. Your baby is gorgeous! Great pics. The first one where she is looking at you is incredible! Congratulations!! I think my grandson and your daughter are about the same age? He was born on Nov. 4th.

  2. Kellie V. says:

    Beautiful! I do some work on photoshop too but am not a pro at any means!

  3. Well, Creative Suite 6 should be coming out in the next couple of months. I’m holding off for CS5 just because I don’t want to buy until the new release comes out. I’m anxiously awaiting not only the Photoshop upgrade, but to have Illustrator! I’m addicted to them both! Your daughter is beautiful as well! I remember when my oldest was born as if it was just yesterday. Now he’s in the Air Force. People are right when they say how quickly they grow up! Enjoy every second!

    • Thank you!! You must be a proud mama! I believe you that it goes by quickly.. These last 12 weeks have gone by faster than any other time in my life.

      I wish that I knew the release date for CS6!! Does Adobe usually have a pattern with regards to their releases? I’m excited to try out the rest of the suite as I’ve only ever used Photoshop and Illustrator (but only once or twice).

  4. theebamse says:

    you could pay for photoshop.. or you could download it for free.. hint hint.. its up to you.. lol.. gorjus baby btw

    • Haha well I have been taking advantage of the free trial.. I figure I will have to eventually purchase it if I’m serious about Web Design so I might as well get it sooner rather than later. & Thank you!

  5. evilkettle says:

    such cute photos!! I love the effects of the curves as well! I have to try this…

  6. Su says:

    I love the first one, you gave the photo a lot of depth of field just with the blur and curves, it doesn’t look anything like the original and I wouldn’t have guessed it wasn’t a DSLR, Nice!

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