Project #15: Live Tracing & The Pen Tool (Adobe Illustrator)

With each design I complete using the Pen Tool I learn so many new things and I think I am finally beginning to feel comfortable with it.  I spent much more time on this project than I probably should have haha..

I love this drawing by Garance Dore:

& this is my version:

If only I could draw as fabulously as Garance… Mine is much more cartoon-ish.  To make my design I traced this image of myself by hand using the Pen Tool:

I adjusted certain features and then Live Traced the drawing to get the “photocopied” sort of look. I thought the pink lips were a cute addition!  To create the cursive text, I wrote “Practice Makes Perfect” on a piece of paper:

Then I used the Live Trace function to isolate my text & I changed the fill to improve the appearance.

So ready to work on something new, maybe it’s time for a new blog banner!

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11 thoughts on “Project #15: Live Tracing & The Pen Tool (Adobe Illustrator)

  1. michel cojan says:

    well done !

  2. It is adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love it!!!

  3. Heather Tiger says:

    So impressed! I need a blog banner…Are you for hire?!

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