Project #16: Create My Own “Damask Print” (Adobe Illustrator CS5)

Hello! This week I am working on a blog banner for the lovely Heather Tiger. One of the things she likes is Damask Print so, I decided to try making my own so that I can include it in her banner.

I used this image as a guideline:

& this is my creation:

Damask Print is much easier to create than I thought it would be however, it requires a lot of patience. I used the Pen Tool and copied & pasted the designs to the opposite side using the “Reflection” function to save time and make it more symetrical. 

After this project, I have a new appreciation for Damask Print!!

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12 thoughts on “Project #16: Create My Own “Damask Print” (Adobe Illustrator CS5)

  1. Aphelionx says:

    Great job! I need to hone my skills with the pen tool and Illustrator as well so I’m with you lol.

  2. Heather Tiger says:

    Squuee! Flattered and loving it! I’m so intimidated by my Paintshop…So grateful for what you are doing…

  3. […] The next step was making my own Damask print which I wrote about in my last post. […]

  4. keepnupwithj says:

    Love this! Makes me wanna try my hand at this stuff again. It’s been awhile and alittle nervous to get back into it. Thanks for the inspiration…. I’ll be following you!

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