Project #17: Make a Header for Heather (Adobe Illustrator)

As I mentioned in my previous post, my project this week was to make a blog banner for Heather (Thorn in My Heart). It took me longer than I anticipated… There is a big difference between creating something for yourself and creating something for someone else. Heather gave me some ideas of what she would like to be included in her header: her blog title of course, a cross, a heart, Damask print, Scroll Work, Paisley and purple.  The first thing I did was google Damask print & Scroll Work to find out what they were haha. I then compiled some images for inspiration:


The next step was making my own Damask print which I wrote about in my last post.

I then started a new 870×220 pixel document in Adobe Illustrator and got to work! I took some ideas from a pretty banner that I found on Pinterest:

Pinned Image

I visited the Lost Type Co-op for some awesome new fonts (Lavanderia & Airplane).  If you have not been to the Lost Type website yet, I would highly recommend checking it out! They have great fonts & you pay for them by donation; It’s a really neat concept.

This is the finished product:

I learned so much about using different brushes and applying different styles to images during this project. Also, I finally figured out that under “File” in Illustrator there is an option to “Save for Web & Devices”.  Since WordPress does not allow Illustrator files, I had been hitting “Print Screen” on my keyboard and saving them on Paint haha.

Heather: Let me know what you think! I would be more than happy to make any changes that you would like & I won’t be offended if you choose not to use it… It was great practice and lots of fun to make!

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10 thoughts on “Project #17: Make a Header for Heather (Adobe Illustrator)

  1. COOL! I wish I could handle AI. I’m gonna head over to Lost Type. Thanks for sharing Ellen ♥

  2. Ellen–I really enjoyed reading through your posts! I appreciate your approach to your projects–I think you have a sense of adventure. Your work is lovely, and I like reading what you are thinking about with each project–it gives me ideas about things I might try in my work.

  3. Heather Tiger says:

    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If I don’t want to use it…. Are you kidding me??????
    It is FABULOUS! I love it and am blown away at your creativity and obviously the hard work and time you put into this project. THANK YOU! The least I can do is a brag post about it to hopefully send you some traffic. You could have a nice little business IMHO!
    Now to show my lack of techno know-how… Do I just need to right-click and save the image so I can upload to my blog?

    Thank you again…You are wonderful! Let me know how I can repay you!

    • Yay!! I’m so happy that you like it! :) Your comment is payment enough! And honestly I did learn so much while doing it.

      I see that you figured out how to upload it.. You can also get rid of the title at the top of your blog under the header tab in “Edit my profile” if you like.

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  5. Angelo says:

    amazing development and result! btw, love your practice makes perfect banner!

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