Fabulous idea! Make your own real life Pinterest board!

KOLA Designs

I have had this project in mind ever since I joined Pinterest, quite some time ago.  I immediately titled it “Pinspiration!”   I completed the project in February but finally got around to getting it mounted and picked it up last week.  I just love how it turned out, and the staff at the photo studio seemed to love it too – we weren’t sure they were going to give it up lol!   I was so excited to take photos for you that I didn’t even dust off the print before I took them – just ripped off the plastic wrap and snapped away!

How did I do this?  Well… one of the first boards I started adding to on Pinterest was my “Inspiration” board, where I would add inspirational and motivational quotes – some serious, some humorous.  I was ending up with quite the selection and decided that…

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  1. koladesigns says:

    Thanks so much for re-blogging my post! Glad you enjoyed it :)

  2. urbancurator says:

    Such a great idea! Thanks for posting it.

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