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Practice: Double Exposure & Much More (Photoshop CS5)

I was so inspired by the following images by Karen To (which I encountered thanks to THE FLOOD Zine’s WordPress site) & Dan Mountford (found on the WordPress blog STYND).  You can click on the images to go to the original posts and see more photos!

Here are my interpretations:

I altered the Opacity, Curve levels, Contrast/Brightness and Hues of my design. 

These are my original photos:


& my second design (which was a tad more complex):

In this image I combined the following images using different Opacity settings:


In addition to layering all these photos, I changed the Hues, Curves, Brightness & Contrast levels of my final picture.  I used Paint Brushes and also applied some Colour Exclusion and Double Exposure techniques to achieve my final effect.

With lots of practice I hope that I can attain the same level of quality as my inspirations: Karen To & Dan Mountford!

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Curves Practice! (Photoshop CS5)

My Photoshop CS5 trial is almost over :( Time to shell out for the real thing!

I am obsessed with the Lens Correction & Curves features that I learned while applying the Vintage effect in my previous post. Here are some photos from the day my daughter was born (can’t believe it’s been almost 12 weeks!!) with a bit of a Vintage feel. I played around with the Curves, Brightness/Contrast and also used the Blur tool on the first photo.

These are the originals, for comparison:

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Project #12: Vintage Effect (Photoshop CS5)

I absolutely adore photos with the ‘vintage’ effect and I finally know how to do it!  Check out the awesome tutorial below to learn how to edit your own pictures.  It only takes a few minutes to do and after you have one photo done you can easily swap out the background images to try the look on countless photos (it’s addictive!).

Here’s my original image:

& my vintage image:


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Project #11: Blended Photos (Photoshop CS5)

As promised, I created my own version of the following photo:

I did not use any tutorials for this project (!) so it’s definitely not perfect but I’m excited that I was (mostly) able to figure it out!

I took this image of myself:

… And combined it with this background image which I took in England:

I played around with the Opacity and used the eraser tool to blend the photos, then changed the colouring and duplicated the image to get my final result:

TA-DA :)

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Project #10: Design Inspired by Matthew Kavan Brooks (Photoshop CS5)

Last month I was browsing WordPress & I came across some sweet graphic art by Matthew Kavan Brooks in a blog entry by The FLOOD

I loved the idea of combining real pictures of flowers with computer graphics and text.  My design turned out quite differently however, it was inspired by these images.

I incorporated a photo of some roses that I received for Valentine’s Day and played around with the colours.  Also, thanks to the following tutorial I learned how to make text see-through for the word “ROSES”:

Finally, I used the Pen Tool to create the ribbon effect but I still need a lot of practice!

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Project #9: Art Inspired by Mother Mother Album Cover (Photoshop CS5)

Hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine’s Day!  I got the new Mother Mother record yesterday and was so inspired by the cover:

Here’s my version:

I used this image of myself:

Then applied the “Threshold” feature to my photo along with some filters.  I created a ton of background layers in different colours, gradients & shapes.  Over top of my background I used different brushes, blurs and stamps to achieve a look similar to that of my inspiration.  I also used the pen tool to create a couple lines and applied filters to the final background image. 

Favourite project yet.

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Project #8: Add Eyeshadow to a Photo (Photoshop CS5)

Only 9 days left on my Photoshop CS5 trial! :(

This project is super simple thanks to this tutorial I found on YouTube:

Thankfully I found this old photo of me with my eyes closed on Facebook (so maybe I cheated a little haha).

Instead of changing the Blending Mode to “Overlay” I chose to use the “Hue” option and this is my result:

Great tool if you’re lazy like me and never wear eyeshadow!

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Project #7: Change Hair Colour (Photoshop CS5)

For this project I decided to learn how to change someone’s hair colour with Photoshop.  I used a written tutorial instead of a video however, I still found it easy to follow along.  The link is below:

Here’s me with blonde hair:

& me as a brunette!

Such a useful tool if you’re planning on colouring your hair!  It’s also really fun to see what you look like with pink hair!

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Project Numero 6: Picture of a Thousand Words (Photoshop CS5)

Baby Ana decided to nap today so I actually had time to do some Photoshop-ing!  This project was super fun and it’s also easier than it looks (to me anyway).

I used the following video tutorial I found on YouTube:

Took this photo of me:

(yes I only have pregnant photos of myself)

And turned it into this:

I love it!

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Project #5: Make a Twitter Background (Photoshop CS5)

I recently caved and got Twitter so I decided to make a customized background with Photoshop; It was not as easy as I thought it would be!  The biggest challenge that I faced was getting the image size right… I found plenty of tutorials online however, none of them seemed to have the right proportion guidelines. I played around for about an hour and here is the size I used:

33.86w x 15.57h in centimeters

I changed my resolution to 50 lines/inch (to change go to Image -> Image Size -> Auto)

My design is pretty simple as I found the frilly ones did not look as good.

If you have Twitter, let’s be friends @ellencrawf0rd

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