This is a gallery of my completed projects. Click on an image to go to the blog post!

Triangles (Photoshop)

Typography Poster (Photoshop)

New Banner (Adobe Illustrator)

Header for fellow blogger (Adobe Illustrator)

Damask Print (Adobe Illustrator)

Live Tracing & The Pen Tool (Adobe Illustrator)

Live Tracing (Adobe Illustrator)

Tracing with the Pen Tool (Illustrator)

Curves (Photoshop)

Collage (Photoshop)

Double Exposure (Photoshop)

Lens Correction (Photoshop)

Lens Correction (Photoshop)

Vintage Effect (Photoshop)

Blended Photos (Photoshop)

Inspired by Matthew Kavan Brooks

Inspired by Mother Mother Album Cover

Eyeshadow (Photoshop CS5)

Picture of a Thousand Words (Photoshop)Change Hair Colour (Photoshop)

Change Hair Colour (Photoshop)

Twitter Background (Photoshop)

Pop Art (Photoshop)

Wordpress Banner (Photoshop)

Blurred Background Tiny Feet (Photoshop)

Blurred Background (Photoshop)

Colour Exclusion (Photoshop)

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