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Brushing up on my Photoshopping Skills

I apologize for the lack of posts recently… I just started a second job and trying to juggle work and a baby doesn’t allow too much time for hobbies! My mom asked me to Photoshop some images of her work to which I gladly obliged (it’s been a while since I have had time to practice). Ever since I can remember, my mom has been painting and repainting everything in our house. Here’s a peek at some of her creations:

Isn’t she talented?! :)

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Project #16: Create My Own “Damask Print” (Adobe Illustrator CS5)

Hello! This week I am working on a blog banner for the lovely Heather Tiger. One of the things she likes is Damask Print so, I decided to try making my own so that I can include it in her banner.

I used this image as a guideline:

& this is my creation:

Damask Print is much easier to create than I thought it would be however, it requires a lot of patience. I used the Pen Tool and copied & pasted the designs to the opposite side using the “Reflection” function to save time and make it more symetrical. 

After this project, I have a new appreciation for Damask Print!!

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Project #14: Typography (Illustrator CS5)

Hello WordPress friends, it’s been a while! I had a job interview on Friday to work for a company building mobile applications and.. I got the job!! I am so stoked to get started!

For this project I decided to make a poster displaying a quote using different fonts. I sketched the text on some paper & took a picture:

(Yes, I really need to practice my printing skills haha.)

I used the “Live Trace” feature in Adobe Illustrator (thanks to Suzannah for telling me about this function!) to isolate each word and “Stroked” the paths with different brushes. I ended up replacing some text with Illustrator because I did not like the way the words “makes” and “you” turned out.

This is what I came up with:

It’s not the most amazing work I have ever done but I was on a limited time frame and I really wanted to make a blog post haha. The next one will be better I promise :)

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Project #11: Blended Photos (Photoshop CS5)

As promised, I created my own version of the following photo:

I did not use any tutorials for this project (!) so it’s definitely not perfect but I’m excited that I was (mostly) able to figure it out!

I took this image of myself:

… And combined it with this background image which I took in England:

I played around with the Opacity and used the eraser tool to blend the photos, then changed the colouring and duplicated the image to get my final result:

TA-DA :)

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Project #10: Design Inspired by Matthew Kavan Brooks (Photoshop CS5)

Last month I was browsing WordPress & I came across some sweet graphic art by Matthew Kavan Brooks in a blog entry by The FLOOD

I loved the idea of combining real pictures of flowers with computer graphics and text.  My design turned out quite differently however, it was inspired by these images.

I incorporated a photo of some roses that I received for Valentine’s Day and played around with the colours.  Also, thanks to the following tutorial I learned how to make text see-through for the word “ROSES”:


Finally, I used the Pen Tool to create the ribbon effect but I still need a lot of practice!

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Project #9: Art Inspired by Mother Mother Album Cover (Photoshop CS5)

Hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine’s Day!  I got the new Mother Mother record yesterday and was so inspired by the cover:

Here’s my version:

I used this image of myself:

Then applied the “Threshold” feature to my photo along with some filters.  I created a ton of background layers in different colours, gradients & shapes.  Over top of my background I used different brushes, blurs and stamps to achieve a look similar to that of my inspiration.  I also used the pen tool to create a couple lines and applied filters to the final background image. 

Favourite project yet.

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Project Numero 6: Picture of a Thousand Words (Photoshop CS5)

Baby Ana decided to nap today so I actually had time to do some Photoshop-ing!  This project was super fun and it’s also easier than it looks (to me anyway).

I used the following video tutorial I found on YouTube:

Took this photo of me:

(yes I only have pregnant photos of myself)

And turned it into this:

I love it!

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Project #5: Make a Twitter Background (Photoshop CS5)

I recently caved and got Twitter so I decided to make a customized background with Photoshop; It was not as easy as I thought it would be!  The biggest challenge that I faced was getting the image size right… I found plenty of tutorials online however, none of them seemed to have the right proportion guidelines. I played around for about an hour and here is the size I used:

33.86w x 15.57h in centimeters

I changed my resolution to 50 lines/inch (to change go to Image -> Image Size -> Auto)

My design is pretty simple as I found the frilly ones did not look as good.

If you have Twitter, let’s be friends @ellencrawf0rd

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Project #4: Create Andy Warhol Pop Art (Photoshop CS5)

I ended up using this tutorial to make my Andy Warhol Pop Art picture: http://www.ehow.com/how_5348870_make-pop-art-using-photoshop.html

This is my original photo:

And here is the finished product:

If you choose to try this, use a picture with a more simple background – it took forever to delete all the little flowers!  Also, I painted in some thin lines to close off the face and hairline so that I could use the paint bucket tool to fill the areas in.  The best part about this project was colouring in the pictures!

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Project #3: Create a sweet banner (Photoshop CS5)

My blog was looking pretty bland so I decided to make a banner to replace the plain text that comes with the CHUNK theme.  I looked up some tutorials for making banners and was inspired by this one:

I played around with different fonts, filters & colours.  To finish it off I added a couple leaf stamps and… Voila!



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