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Project #11: Blended Photos (Photoshop CS5)

As promised, I created my own version of the following photo:

I did not use any tutorials for this project (!) so it’s definitely not perfect but I’m excited that I was (mostly) able to figure it out!

I took this image of myself:

… And combined it with this background image which I took in England:

I played around with the Opacity and used the eraser tool to blend the photos, then changed the colouring and duplicated the image to get my final result:

TA-DA :)

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Project #9: Art Inspired by Mother Mother Album Cover (Photoshop CS5)

Hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine’s Day!  I got the new Mother Mother record yesterday and was so inspired by the cover:

Here’s my version:

I used this image of myself:

Then applied the “Threshold” feature to my photo along with some filters.  I created a ton of background layers in different colours, gradients & shapes.  Over top of my background I used different brushes, blurs and stamps to achieve a look similar to that of my inspiration.  I also used the pen tool to create a couple lines and applied filters to the final background image. 

Favourite project yet.

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Project #8: Add Eyeshadow to a Photo (Photoshop CS5)

Only 9 days left on my Photoshop CS5 trial! :(

This project is super simple thanks to this tutorial I found on YouTube:

Thankfully I found this old photo of me with my eyes closed on Facebook (so maybe I cheated a little haha).

Instead of changing the Blending Mode to “Overlay” I chose to use the “Hue” option and this is my result:

Great tool if you’re lazy like me and never wear eyeshadow!

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Project #1: Colour Exclusion (Photoshop CS5)

The first project I tasked myself with was to make a black & white photo that still had one part of the image in colour (ie: eyes).  I downloaded the free 1 month trial of Adobe Photoshop CS5 and  I used the following video tutorial as a guideline:

Here is my original photo:

And the finished product:

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